Love urself first :)

Love urself first :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

because im a girl :')

i just can't understandthe ways ,

of all the man and their mistakes ,

you give them all your heart ,

and then they rip it all away .

you told me how much you loved me ,

and how our love was meant to be ,

and i believed in you ,

i thought dat you will set me free .

you should've just told me the true ,

that i wasn't the girl for you ,

still , i didn't have a clue ,

so my heart depended on you .

althougt i'll said i hate you ,

tought i shout and curse you out ,

i'll always have love for you ,

because im a girl .

been told a man will leave you cold ,

get sick of you and bored ,

i know that it's no lie ,

i gave my all , still i just cry .

never again will i be fooled ,

to give my all when nothing's true ,

i won't be played again ,

but i will fall in love again .

you took advantage of my willingness ,

to do anything for love ,

now i'm the one in pain ,

will you please take it all away .

never tought being born a girl ,

how can i love you and be burned ,

and now i will build a wall ,

to never get torn again ..